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Premium Security Guard Services & Security Control

Security from Unbreakable Security Associates is a set of measures and security guard services aimed not only at the prompt response but at identifying potential threats, processing and analyzing the data obtained to form practical and cost-effective protection solutions for each client.

We believe that the best defense is anticipating negative scenarios and neutralizing their impact before they become a reality. That is why we strive to protect the client from all directions, helping to establish complete security control over every area of ​​their life.

It doesn’t matter if you need armed security services for executive protection during business negotiations, whether you need a workplace risk assessment and control expert, or you want to install mobile video surveillance.

Unbreakable Security Associates will be able to offer the most optimal solution for each client. We offer a controlled and individualized approach to solving security problems of any complexity.

Delegate your protection to the best security guard company, Unbreakable Security Associates, with the ability to set the terms and conditions of cooperation manually! 

Investigations, Personal & Business Intelligence

Data is critical to any investigation, allowing us to draw the correct conclusions to detect, eliminate, and neutralize potential threats on time.

Unbreakable Security Associates’ comprehensive support means that we help clients not only ensure the complete safety of their lives, employees and property but also identify risks in advance and also minimize the consequences of negative scenarios.

Professional investigations and intelligence, obtained using the latest surveillance equipment, are some of the security guard services we offer to individuals, business clients, and government officials. 


Some of our surveillance security services for corporate investigations and intelligence:

Investigative security and protection services for individuals:

Executive Protection & VIP Security

Bodyguarding is often a necessity for celebrities, people who have businesses, or government positions. Our executive protection agency representatives are professionals with extensive experience who have served in the security forces or army special forces. They know how to keep VIPs safe under all circumstances and to protect them from potential threats.

Executive Protection Services from Unbreakable Security Associates

Our VIP security guard services are intended for both private (individuals and legal entities) and corporate clients:

  • Escort with unarmed security service. The presence of a bodyguard is a guarantee of peace of mind and physical safety in any condition. Protection of VIP-persons includes assessing potential threats, preparation of the place of stay of the protected person, security during business meetings.
  • Protection of children & family. Children and families are more vulnerable to the actions of intruders; therefore, they need a managed security services provider to guarantee their safety, health, and personal integrity.
  • Surveillance security. Our security guard services include direct physical protection and the development of security audits, eavesdropping and recording devices detection, video surveillance installation, and other measures.
  • VIP transport and car escort. Unbreakable Security Associates offers auto escort with the best bodyguards from our security guard company who can handle any situation on the road. The executive protection agency’s fleet contains a large selection of protected VIP vehicles with the option of providing armed security services.

We develop strategies and methods of executive protection, taking into account each client’s potential threats and individual requirements. The main goal of VIP security guard services is to ensure the safety of people who require special protection. These can be both business representatives, politicians, and individuals.


Real Estate Protection

Unbreakable Security Associates range of premium security services includes protecting private and business real estate, commercial property, and new construction.

Our physical and technological capabilities allow us to offer our clients the best security and protection services aimed at effectively ensuring the safety of any property.

Security guard services from Unbreakable Security Associates involve the development, implementation & support of unique security solutions that take into account the personal needs of customers at every stage of cooperation:

  • Immediate physical and technical security for objects – Depending on the terms of cooperation, customer requirements, and the selected type of security guard company services, we carry out adaptive protection of the subject or object, taking into account the volatility of the situation.

  • Security control adjustments and emergency response – Unbreakable Security Associates guarantees high quality and reliability of security and protection services 24/7/365 + 1. At the same time, our experts can effectively respond to new needs and changes in the customer’s needs.
  • Identification of potential threats and risk assessment – As an experienced managed security services provider, we understand the importance of preventing negative scenarios in advance. Security control audit, development of effective strategies, and planning of security measures are the basis for ensuring security in general.

  • Choosing the optimal security guard services following the client’s interests – The design of the security control system considers all the threats getting from the commercial risk assessment. In this case, the client’s wishes and requirements also play an essential role since the possibilities for modernization and adjustments based on management tasks are vital for the customization and individualization of security guard services.

Construction Site Security & Commercial Risk Assessment

Ensure complete security of your commercial properties during the construction phase by entrusting construction site security to professionals from Unbreakable Security Associates!

The business property preservation program assumes the development and implementation of comprehensive measures, ranging from commercial risk assessment and consulting in construction planning, continuing as progress is made.

Unbreakable Security Associates offers seamless construction site security to help preserve the client’s financial resources and mental well-being during every phase of new construction design and development.

Nevertheless, we also offer workplace risk assessment and control services for ready-made commercial objects, involving the development, installation, and maintenance of mobile video surveillance systems, the introduction of physical security, and response methods with a prompt departure to the site of a security patrol.

Experts from Unbreakable Security Associates also provide consulting services on creating and adjusting internal security regulations to raise awareness of employees and maintenance personnel to minimize the number and impact of potential threats.

Residential Risk Assessment & Private Property Protection

Negative scenarios for residential and private property can include many factors, ranging from intruders to the impact of natural disasters, civil unrest, and pandemic.

The goal of Unbreakable Security Associates is to develop comprehensive response strategies that address ALL potential risks.

We involve the best residential risk assessment analysts and experts during the planning and selection of security guard services. It helps us to correctly identify the individual profile of clients, their needs, and adequate protection measures, including:

  • physical security control with unarmed security service;
  • installation of mobile video surveillance and auxiliary equipment;
  • the possibility of using armed security services to eliminate threats;
  • workplace risk assessment and control in real-time.